Imprimante 3D Magis

Designed and manufactured in France. 2 years warranty.

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Dagoma products are designed and manufactured in France.

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"We are very pleasantly surprised by the ease of use of this printer"

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"Dagoma’s Magis, an ultra-simple and affordable 3D printer!"

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"Easy, robust printer and online support from Dagoma is very efficient."

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The smartest 3D printer
Automatic calibration

Don’t waste any more time with the settings.

Easy to use

A single button to communicate with your 3D printer.

Amazing Design

Thought and drawn to take a place of choice in your home.

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You don’t just buy a 3D printer
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You have 21 days to make your opinion

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It’s easier than calling Asia

2-year warranty

And even more thanks to our commitments against product obsolescence.

You can also let yourself be tempted by our many available filament colors here.

How to take advantage of the 21-day training?

Ajouter le produit formation 21 jours à votre panier avec votre imprimante 3D Magis. Le prix de la formation passera automatiquement à "offert". Vous recevrez ensuite les premiers mails pour commencer votre formation. 

Ajouter la formation 21 jours

Vous avez la possibilité de payer un supplément de 15€ pour recevoir le contenu au format papier.

You cannot print multiple colors simultaneously. However, it is possible to schedule pauses to change filaments during printing.

  • Magis 3D printer

  • Magnetic arms

  • Power Supply

  • SD card and SD/USB adapter

  • Isopropyl wipes

  • USB Cable

  • Spatula

  • Filament sample

  • Assemblage : montée

  • Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM / FFF)

  • Print volume: D180 x 200 mm

  • Max print temperature: 270°C

  • Filament diameter: 1,75mm

  • Printing nozzle diameter: 0,4mm

  • Print speed: 30 to 100 mm/s

  • Standard mini layer height: 100 microns

  • X/Y tolerances: (+/-)0,2mm

  • Machine calibration: automatic

  • Filament Insertion: Automatic

  • Flexible filaments: optimized

  • Matériau recommandé : PLA, composite et effet bois, PETG, TPU, Nylon, Flexible, Métallique, Pailleté ...

  • Print color: Multicoloured per layer (single extrusion)

  • Pause function: yes

  • Stop & Go : yes

  • Filament End Detection: Optimized Detector

  • Fan speed (revolutions/min): 11,000

  • Operating temperature: 18-28°C

  • Axis Drive: Belt

  • Ambient temperature: 0-35°C

  • Technology : Delta

  • In kit : no, already assembled

  • Ultra fast start-up

  • Plug & Play : yes

  • Weight: 4,3 kg

  • External machine dimensions: 305x275x535mm

  • Filament compatibility: flexible

  • X/Y accuracy: 50 microns

  • Accuracy in Z: 12.5 microns

  • Electronic board: MKS N01 - by Dagoma

  • Build Plate : Buildtak

  • File type: STL, OBJ

  • USB printing: yes

  • Slicer : Cura By Dagoma

  • Operating System: Windows Mac OS Linux

  • Compatible Software: All programs that generate a . STL file (Solidworks, Rhino, Tinkercad, Blender,...)

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Print head Single color
Assembly Assembled