The 3 steps to print in 3D

1 - Upload your 3D file  in STL format

Download a 3D file in STL or OBJ format on one of the many online platforms:
Where to find your 3D files?

Draw in 3D with modeling software and export your project in STL format: Which modeling software to use?

2 - Customize your 3D printing

Choose size, print quality and materials using the slicer software Cura by Dagoma : Choosing the right settings with Cura by Dagoma
The Cura by Dagoma software will transform your STL file into a Gcode file that your Dagoma 3D printer can understand. (The file must be called dagoma0.g).

3 - Launch your printing on the 3D printer

Insert  filament, insert the SD card with the dagoma0.g file saved on it and start printing.