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Choose from our range of 3D printers, in kit form, or already assembled, the one that is made for you.

        3D printers to change your daily life

        Inside your home or for professional use, the 3D printer will change the way you consume: repair, optimize, adjust, decorate... With a 3D printer’s filament (or thread), make the objects of your choice, in record time, and for a very little cost. Print some 3D objects that have already been made before and are available on online platforms. Or create your own by using 3D printer modeling software. The best 3D printer is the one that will meet you daily needs. Discover the many uses that this technology can offer.

        PACKS DÉCOUVERTE : l'essentiel de l'impression 3D pour bien débuter

        Rendre l'impression 3D accessible, c'est aussi tout simplement permettre aux novices de trouver tous les produits nécessaires pour entrer facilement et efficacement dans l'univers de l'impression 3D.

        Grâce à nos équipes toujours plus proches de nos clients, nous avons construits ces packs DÉCOUVERTE pour des débuts réussis et une progression accompagnée. 


        A wide choice of MATERIALS

        At Dagoma, we recommend the use of PLA filament (or PLA thread), which is made of corn starch. This consumable, available in many colors, is more respectful of the planet.

        Many other materials are compatible with the Dagoma 3D printers, such as PETG, ASA, ABS, flexible filament, wood-based filament…

        ORDER NOW and receive your product tomorrow

        All the Dagoma brand products are designed and made in France. All the orders are shipped within one business day throughout the year to allow you to enjoy your products on a daily basis.


        An active COMMUNITY

        Like you, more than 30,000 people have already chosen the Dagoma 3D printers to change their way of consuming. Some of the users are visible on the Dagoma club's platform. Join this community to receive advices, share your creations, be the first one to test new things, and win vouchers at the Dagoma web shop.

        SOFTWARE for 3D printers

        Which modeling software to choose? What is the best 3D printer slicing software? A comparison of free 3D software? We explain everything to you.

        From Cura by Dagoma to drive your 3D printer to drawing software to realize your 3D designs and plans (Tinkercard, Selfcad, Sketchup…), discover our selection to help you to get started easily with 3D modeling.


        Our 3D printers in NATIONAL EDUCATION

        Dagoma has already assisted more than 2,500 schools in 3D printer equipment and the implementation of educational programs. The accessibility of our products and our customer service make the Dagoma brand a partner of choice for teachers.

        We take charge of the purchase orders and government-issued payment order ("mandat administratif") from our website.

        Discover the uses of 3D printing in the education field.

        Dagoma, a COMMITTED BRAND

        Dagoma is a French manufacturer of 3D printers. Our ambition is to enable individuals to produce locally everything they need for their consumption.

        We are engaged on many daily topics: ecology, sustainable development, fight against obsolescence, fight against firearms…